Selected Essays on the History of Kitami City, Hokkaido, Japan


Author: Shimizu Shosuke, Professor Emeritus, Kitami Institute of Technology, Kitami City, Hokkaido, Japan; Director, Kitami City History Unit.

These essays were originally published in the Kitami City Monthly Newsletter, issues
from April 1988 to October 2004.

They have been selected from Visits in Hometown History:
Essays Commemorating the Centennial of Kitami City, Hokkaido, Japan, by Shimizu Shosuke, published by Kitami City, 1996.and Studies in Kitami History, by Shimizu Shosuke, published by Kitami City, 2007.


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English translation: Graham Herd, Professor, Hokkai School of Commerce, Sapporo, formerly Hokkai-Gakuen University of Kitami.

Advice and assistance: Yoshida Kuniko, Kitami City.